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Let It Snow -- John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson (Book Review)

The story follows three independent mini stories that all interconnected in the ending.  Each author writes with their typical style so it is a interesting read.  The romance in all three independent books adds up to a cute story and fast read that you are not going to want to put down. I got this book from the library as one of my holiday reads.  I didn't not anticipate it to be a can't put down, but I do love the authors who wrote this book so I shouldn't have expected anything less.

The book begins with Jubilee whose parents who got placed into jail after a freak holiday shopping issue.  She than gets on a train going to her grandparents in Florida that gets stuck in the snow outside Grace town.  This is the biggest snow storm ever, which is present throughout the rest of the book.  Jubilee meets Stuart at the Waffle House after she gets off the stuck train. Stuart takes her home and she learns more about herself in that short time than she ever knew, which leads to a new romance.  This story has a very happy ending and some unexpected drama along the way.  Stuart's mom is one of the best characters in the book all she wants is for her son to be happy and sometimes as a younger adult you forget that your parents are looking out for your well being. 

During the train ride there are fourteen cheerleaders who also get off and go to the Waffle House, along with Jeb.   In the second story it follows a group of three friends on there journey to get to the cheerleaders in the Waffle House with Twister.  On the way to the Waffle House they get into a car accident due to the snow banks and race out other people to bring the Twister.  Along, the way though the story takes a twist with two of the characters starting to realize they have feelings for each other.  This I feel is something that does happen with friendships while growing up that feelings start to change as you grow older, which makes the story all to possible.   

The last story follows Jeb's recent girlfriend Addie's emotions from there breakout.   Addie learns from her friends that she might be to self absorbed, which actually caused the breakup.  Addie goes through a quick learning about life and the character development is unreal for her.  I felt that I got such a blunt look at her in the beginning that I needed to know what happened.  All the main characters end up being in the last story together, which gives it a very happy holiday ending.

One of my favorite parts is how the books connect together.  Each author picks a tiny detail that was mentioned in the previous books and expands upon it to make the reader feel they are in one larger story.  The different writing styles of each author also keeps the story moving since it is really like three short stories all rolled into one.  The story feels complete at the ending and ties up all lose ends to make it the perfect romance. 

The book has a broad look at the holidays based on being in a relationship, looking for a relationship, family, and friendships.   Everyone needs someone during the holidays to get thru this time.  

It is the perfect holiday read! It keeps your mind off the stress of the holidays and let's you get lost in a cute romance.  This is the perfect read over the winter time curled up in front of the fire.

Here are a few cute quotes I love in the book:
"The expression is: a boy's best friend is his mother. It's not: a boy's best pimp is his mother.  It is that way for a reason."

"But than again (and here is one of my main complaints about human consciousness): once you think a thought, it is extremely difficult to unthink it."

My Rating 4/5
Author website,,
Publisher Speak
ISBN 9780142414996
Length 352
Format Paperback

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