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Around the World in 80 Tales - Dave Tomlinson (Review)

29240920Around the World in 80 Tales by Dave Tomlinson
Genres: Memoir
Publication date: 
August 16, 2016

Publisher: Dave Tomlinson
Format: ebook259 pages
How I got it: Dave Tomlinson for an honest review
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My rating: 4/5 

80 Stories, 25 Countries, 5 Continents, One Heck of a Ride! 

Come with me on a journey of captivating true travel stories from around the world. This fascinating kaleidoscope of people, places, history, food and culture will inspire, amuse and even amaze. Experience the challenges, rewards and fun of budget travel without leaving home!


My thoughts:

This book follows the author as he travels to various locations over the world and gives short stories about his time there.   The stories are short in nature and tell about one location at a time of where he is visiting.

I enjoyed reading about some of the less known locations around the world that he visited.  While I was reading I was able to google some of the locations because I wanted to know more information about the stops.   Some of the more remote places seemed great to me because sometimes you want to get away from it all.

I liked that the author not only told stories of great travel trips, but also gave stories of when he had issues traveling.   It made the book feel very genuine and relatable because sometimes travel plans don’t work out.   It felt like while reading I was getting a complete picture.

I also enjoyed that the author was very focused on different cultures when he was traveling.  I liked that he wanted to get to know the locals and how they lived their daily lives.  It was nice when reading to hear his reflections on the people he was visiting while traveling.  I always find it important to see what the daily life is like while traveling because it could be vastly different from your life.

The author did a great job describing all of the locations that he went to.  I liked how the author included photos of the locations that he stopped at as well as described how he got to the photos in the chapters.

My one complaint would be I would have loved to have the different stories from the different countries sort of in order.  There were a few stories about the same trip to different reasons and I would have love to read them back to back to keep the story fresh in my mind since there were so many locations talked about.

I would suggest this as a read for when you are ready for a vacation.  This book has great travel location suggestions and gives some great places that are a little off the beaten path that might be very relaxing and rewarding to travel too!

I received a copy of this book from the author for the purpose of providing an honest review.  This does not affect my opinion of this book. 


About the Author

I'm originally from beautiful New Zealand and now live in Brisbane Australia. My passion is for travel, outdoor adventure and cultural understanding. I've now explored over 50 countries across 5 continents of the world. Apart from photography, I have used my love of travel to create my website and write two books. Travel Unravelled is a guide book for anyone wanting to travel the world on a budget and Around the World in 80 Tales is a collection of my unique experiences doing exactly that! There is plenty more information on the About Me and FAQ pages and you're also welcome to contact me through my website. 

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  1. Oh this sounds like fun. I love travel related books. I understand wanting them sort of in order though. Great review!

    1. This was a great travel place it had a lot of placed I wouldn't have even thought of to travel, but now I want to go on a vacation :(


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