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Fates and Furies - Raye Wagner (Review)

34306933Fates and Furies by Raye Wagner
Series: Sphinx #4
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Fantasy 
Publication date: 
June 29th 2017
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Format: ebook, 434 pages
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My rating: 5/5 

The Olympian gods cause nothing but chaos…

Hope escaped the Underworld with her life, but her memories are as blank as the Book of the Fates she brought back. Still determined to break the curse, she and Xan take an offering to the Olympian temple to solicit the goddess Artemis for aid. But the petition has disastrous results, and now the gods are hunting her.

Athan sacrificed everything for Hope, but she’s leaving him behind to travel with Xan to Mount Olympus. But the closer they get, the more Athan’s mortality becomes a liability. Forced to seek refuge in mists and darkness, Athan tangles with deities that weave the very threads of fate. But these goddesses also wield the immortal blades that lay ruin to destinies.

With everyone she loves damaged or destroyed by the blood of Olympus, Hope must face the power of the past to change the fate of the future…

Fates and Furies is the fourth and final book in The Sphinx series.


My thoughts:

This was a hard book for me to read.  I always find the last book in a series the most challenging typically because I just don’t want the series to end and I am afraid that it will either disappoint or leave me wanting more.   This book did not disappoint at all.  Fate and Furies is the fourth book in the Sphinx series and by far my favorite book in this series.

The author continues to create a vivid world of Gods and Demigods in this conclusion book of the Sphinx series.  The entire book is about Hope trying to escape her curse as the Sphinx.  As the series reads we learn a lot about each God and what is really going on at Olympus.  The journey finally takes us to Olympus in this book.

I feel this is the most fast paced of all the books.  We cover a lot of ground during this book, but there was never a part where I felt that it was overwhelming at all.  The pace was perfect for such an elaborate series.  Also, since there was a lot of setup in the previous books it felt perfectly in tune with the series.

Hope really grew into such a mature character during the series of these books.  I enjoyed watching her grow and become her own person.  Hope could put everything aside for the common good and work towards a bigger picture solution.  I loved how level-headed Hope was during this journey even with so much happening and her friends being placed in danger.

The author does an amazing job creating the world in this series and in this book, we get an amazing look at Olympus.  I loved all the world building the author created, she really took her time to go into a vivid description of how she pictures Olympus.  I was easily able to image being with the characters while they were in Olympus and taking this journey with them.  The author made the characters come off the page.

My one complaint would be that the series ended.  The ending is perfect for this series I didn’t want more at the end, but just knowing there isn’t a book five is hard.  I can’t wait to see what Raye writes next.

I would suggest reading the entire series from start to finish.  I don’t really feel these are standalone books as the author pulls people and previous events into the series.  I would suggest this as a perfect weekend binge series. 


About the Author

Raye Wagner
Raye Wagner grew up just outside of Seattle, Washington. As the second of eight children, she was surrounded by chaos, and escaped the mayhem by reading. 
Raye studied the art of medicine long before she had an interest in the Gods on Mount Olympus. 
One sunny afternoon, the history of Apollo’s ancient curse and the myth of the Sphinx dropped into Raye’s consciousness. She started scribbling notes down after her sister convinced her the story was worth writing. 
She writes young adult fiction for teens and adults.
Curse of the Sphinx, a YA urban mythology, is her first novel. Demigods and Monsters, the second book in the Sphinx series, will be released April 2016.

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