Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summertime Blog & Reader Challenge Week 1

Summer Time Blogger and Reader Challenge

I am a little behind so I am going to catch up real fast and then will be up to date! This is a challenge from ParaJunkee that I will link up too!

WEEK 1: JUNE 1 – 3

Summer Goals
I don’t have too many goals for the summer so far, but here is a short list:
Step up my reading.  I have committed to a lot of reviews so I need to get them done and posted!
Come up with a blog plan.  I started this without doing a lot of research on what I need to do for successful blogging so I need to look into this.
Setup a calendar to get over organized.
Visit other blogs to get more ideas!
On a personal level I want to spend some time at the beach.
I also want to finish painting our bonus room this summer and get some new furniture in the room so it is more cozy!

Summer Reading List

My goal this summer is to really pick up my reading.  I want to get through a lot of my TBR list and am aiming to read at least 15 books, hopefully more.
Here is my current summer reading list:
When Worlds Collide: A Novel Of Morocco - Rick Parker
The Rowan Tree - Robert W. Fuller
Kingdom by the Sea - Anna del C.
Inseparable - Claire St. Hilaire
‘Angel6: HOPE 0- John Bow
Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside - Quincey Carrol
PATRIARCH RUN -  Benjamin Dancer
Among the Shrouded - Amalie Jahn
Beauty of the Beast - Viktoria Faust
Up River, Down River - Aaron Ward
The Grey Forest - Maureen A. Griswold
Storming - K.M. Weiand

A Great Summer Vacation

So my major issue with summer vacations is I never went on one as a kid.  My grandparents have always lived down the shore in NJ and we would spend the entire summer with them in their house.  So my favorite summer vacation became the entire summer since that is what their house is like.   There is always so much to do while I am down the shore either hanging out with family or friends.  Now it is even better because my family is always growing larger so more and more people are around and we get to start the tradition of summers down the shore with my nephew!   We could go out on the boat whenever we want or jet up to the beach.  The possibilities have always been endless. 


  1. I never went on summer vacations as a kid either! It was all the grandkids got dumped at Granny's and we played outside all day.

    1. Same page over here! Thank you for stopping by!


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