Friday, April 7, 2017

{Blog Tour} Can You See Me - Regina Bartley (Cover Reveal)

Title: Can You See Me (Trinity Series Book II)

Author: Regina Bartley

Cover Designer: Emily Wittig Designs & Photography


Some people say that home is where the heart is.
I say bullshit.

My home was nothing but a pile of ashes, and my heart was in two places at once.
Half of it with my parents and the other half tucked away for someone special, for
someone who was the light in all of this darkness.

With a home to build, a girl to prove myself to, classes to attend, a rodeo to ride, and
parents to bring home, I was going to need more than just eight seconds.

It was time to tighten up the reigns and hold on because LIFE was going to be the hardest
ride of them all.

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Blurb for Do You Love Me (Trinity Series Book I )
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I had one chance. One chance to tell the boy of my dreams that I love him, one chance to finally get the guy.

 And I blew it.

I watched him leave. I watched as he went off to college to start a whole new life without me in it. A life filled with drinking, parties, and hot college girls. I suddenly became the pathetic young best friend, pining from afar, while he lived his life.

It took me a long time to get a second chance, and now that I have it, I wonder if I’ll finally have the guts to confess my love or if it will all go up in flames.
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