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{Blog Tour} Secrets, Lies, & Scandals - Amanda K. Morgan (Review & Giveaway)

Secrets, Lies, & Scandals
by Amanda K. Morgan
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: July 5th 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery
Rate: 4/5


In the tradition of I Know What You Did Last Summer and How to Get Away with Murder, five teens must overcome their paranoia in order to keep their teacher’s death a secret in this fast-paced suspense thriller.

Nothing ruins summer vacation like a secret…especially when it involves a dead teacher.

Ivy used to be on top of the social ladder, until her ex made that all go away. She has a chance to be Queen Bee again, but only if the rest of the group can keep quiet.

Tyler has always been a bad boy, but lately he’s been running low on second chances. There’s no way he’s going to lose everything because someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

Kinley wouldn’t describe herself as perfect, though everyone else would. But perfection comes at a price, and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to keep her perfect record—one that doesn’t include murder charges.

Mattie is only in town for the summer. He wasn’t looking to make friends, and he definitely wasn’t looking to be involved in a murder. He’s also not looking to be riddled with guilt for the rest of his life…but to prevent that he’ll have to turn them all in.

Cade couldn’t care less about the body, or about the pact to keep the secret. The only way to be innocent is for someone else to be found guilty. Now he just has to decide who that someone will be.

With the police hot on the case, they don’t have much time to figure out how to trust each other. But in order to take the lead, you have to be first in line…and that’s the quickest way to get stabbed in the back.

This book is told from the point of view of five students who are all taking a class over the summer at a college level.  The professor is extremely difficult and he doesn't really care to much for his students.  He has no problem speaking his mind.   The 5 students are having a difficult time in his class and after the first test things get even worse for the kids. 

I really enjoyed how the book was told from the different perspectives.  We got a look at each of the kids before the teacher incident and then how they were coping after.  Each of the characters was also experiencing some sort of personal issue so that was interesting to read about too.  I think that really kept the story moving with the sides stories and kept me more interested in the book.

I would have to say my favorite character was Ivy she had a lot of issues that she was going through, but I felt like she was really growing on me during the book.   Ivy was very popular and then giving up her virginity to a guy who broke up with her took her popularity from her.  Ivy seemed the most high school girl.  I also really enjoyed how Ivy tried to help out Mattie that she could see he was struggling.  I felt like from the beginning to the end of the book you could just see a complete 180 in Ivy and I love that in a character.  

Things I just couldn't find realistic was sort of the whole thing going down the way it did.  I feel like 5 people to be involved in a murder is a lot of different people and also just how two people tried to help him and the others kind of just watched it seemed more like I am shocked one of them didn't instantly call 911 and somehow they all agree to this crazy plan. 

Also, the ending is amazing! You think one thing and then the last page changes everything! I love how the author used the dates when writing the chapters it really helped to put timing in perspective.

I would suggest this as a nighttime read.  It was a very fast read and easy to follow along.  The book has a lot of suspense so you are going to want to know what happens next, but it does have points in which you could easily put the book down and start again.

I received a copy of this book from The Fantastic Flying Book Club in exchange for an honest review.  This does not effect my opinion of this book.

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Amanda K. Morgan is a freelance writer living in Nashville, TN. She covers events and works as a technical writer when she isn't working on her YA novels.

At age 15, Amanda finished her first novel and continued to write in college, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing.

Amanda is an avid volleyball player and spends time playing both indoors and out. When Amanda isn't writing, she enjoys being entirely too busy and trying new things. Endeavors as of late include appearances in music videos, TV, and movies, rock climbing, and attending as many concerts and shows as her schedule allows.

Amanda headed up the Do The Write Thing for Nashville Project (with co-organizers/authors Victoria Schwab and Myra McEntire), which tapped some of the biggest authors, editors, and agents in the industry for an online auction that raised over $70,000 for Midsouth flood relief.

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  1. I so love multiple perspectives in a book!! also a great ending is such a good selling point!! Great review!


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