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Outlaw Ride - Sarah Hawthorne (Review)

36488460Outlaw Ride by Sarah Hawthorne
SerieDemon Horde #3
Genres: Romance
Publication date: 
February 5, 2018

Publisher: Harlequin Digital Sales Corp..
Format: ebook, 180 pages

How I got it: From the author for an honest review
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My rating: 4/5 

A recovering gambler

Hard-living biker Clint Remmick is fiercely loyal to the boys of the Demon Horde motorcycle club. He’s worked hard to redeem himself, and there’s no risk he won’t take to help his brothers, even when rivals threaten their safety. When his grandmother’s health takes a turn for the worse, though, he moves out of the clubhouse to take care of her. With his duties for the MC, he knows he can’t do it alone, so he hires Jo, a live-in nurse.

He didn’t expect her to heal him, as well.

A dedicated nurse

Jo Smith enjoys working for sweet old Anne Remmick, and she’s especially intrigued by her tattooed bad-boy grandson. Clint’s tough exterior scares her a little, but she feels a pull toward the sexy biker. Soon she’s dying to close the distance between them.

A losing bet

When Clint and his brothers have to pull a dangerous job in Reno, Jo is the perfect cover. With enemies around every corner, Clint needs to focus on keeping her safe—not the lust simmering between them. But when Clint is trapped by a rival club, Jo will have to save him…and their relationship. 


My thoughts:

This book contains adult themes.

This is the third book in the Demon Horde series by Sarah Hawthorne.  In this book we follow Clint one of the members of the Demon Horde and Jo a nurse who ends up living with Clint to take care of his grandmother.

Clint is trying to move up the club ladder and take on more responsibilities.  He will now be running a car shop with a few recruits.  Clint previously had a gambling problem, but believes he has almost fully recovered from this issue.  Clint is working hard to keep his life on track when we he meets Jo. 

Jo has had a hard upbringing that I believe we only got bits and pieces of in the book.  I am pretty sure an entire book could have been dedicated to Jo’s past.   Jo is studying to become a nurse and in the meantime, she is a home live in health aide.  Jo gets to help Clint’s grandmother go to her dialysis during the week.  Jo is a strong character who takes on a large role when she steps into Clint’s life.  Jo is trying to just focus on herself, but she learns that sometimes you need other people in your life. 

I love the we get to see both the POV of Clint and Jo in the book.  The alternating chapters give us a clear look at what is going on in Clint’s head as well as what is going on in Jo’s head.  I loved that they both wanted to get to know each other more, but because of the employer/employee relationship they tried to stay away from one another.  It is nice to see how the relationship started between the two of them and all the issues it entailed.  I loved that Jo kept her guard up a lot during the book because we got to see how strong of a character she is. 

The storyline is great we get to see a relationship develop between two people and we get some motorcycle club action.  I loved that Clint wanted to show Jo his world and what family means to him.   Family is a strong theme in this book and the author does a great job showing that not every family is the same.

My one complaint with this book would have to be that the first two books in the series had a little more to do with the Demon Horde group and I enjoyed getting to know them.  This book touched on the Demon Horde group, but the first two novels give a lot more perspective of the group.  I think it is because a lot more takes place between the two main characters not at the club house.  I enjoy the club house and the characters that are there.

I would suggest this as a weekend read.  The book was fast paced and a quick read.  I could read it in almost one sitting stopping for the occasional stretch.

I received a copy of this book from the author for the purpose or providing an honest review.  This does not affect my opinion of this book. 

About the Author

Sarah Hawthorne lives in the Pacific Northwest where she drinks too much coffee, plans a lot of vacations and writes romance novels. Her native habitats include her garden and the local library.

She is represented by Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds Literary.

Sarah received a Bachelor's Degree from California State Polytechnic University of Pomona, Los Angeles
with a major in history and a minor in English.

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  1. I love books with dual point of views. I'm glad you enjoyed the read. I do like the sound of family and how not every family are the same. Great review as always!

    1. I enjoy the dual point of view a well! thank you for stopping by!


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