Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Strong Looks Better Naked -- Khloe Kardashian (Book Review)

To start I have only seen a few episodes of KUWTK, I do know a little about the Kardashian's through social media or just word of mouth of friends.  I saw this book on the just returned shelf at the library and decided to give it a try.  I like to read biographies since they typically give a different perspective of someone’s life that you might have never considered.  I had no preconceived notions when reading this book so I had a very open mind.

The book follows Khloe through a life transformation of changing her habits to include fitness/exercise as a form of making herself a better person.  There are a few chapters that touch on her fitness routine, eating healthy, setting goals for yourself, and changing your attitude.  I felt the book was very repetitive there were a few themes that stood out such as fitness routine helping to make you a better person.  She constantly refers back to if at different points in the book.   At the end she slightly touches on changing your attitude or how you approach a situation and mentions almost every time that is something she is working on.   I admire someone who can see their flaws and are consciously trying to work on them.

Khloe does not include a lot of details about her life that the press has not really touched on.  She also mentions she tries to keep personal details to herself a lot, which explains why the book to me is more of an outline with a few personal stories that mostly touch on experiences with friends/family.

This is a very quick read and doesn’t really expand into Khloe’s life that much.  It is more of an outline on how to begin to change your life by making one change for example exercise in her case and how that expanded to making additional reflections or changed in her life.   I would read this if you are at a place in your life where you need an uplift.  It has some uplifting points and relationship advice mixed in towards the end that are key.  Also, if you are planning on starting a new fitness routine it has some great tips.  I loved the recipes that are included in the book.  

The book also offers some quotes that I love:
“At first on focused on my physical body to distract myself from thinking about the things that were causing me real pain.  But as my body got stronger, there was an unexpected side effect: My mind became clearer.”  -- I love this quote because sometimes it is hard to face a problem or issue head-on and you need to get a clear mind before you can actually handle exactly what is going on in your life.  Getting a clear mind is not always easy and everyone needs to find their own outlet to get to the clear mind.
“Small changes and small steps can transform your life.” - I completely agree it is not a one step process that has to be accomplished all at once, that small changes everyday can help you to transform your life at the end of the day.
“Life is about moving forward.”  - I feel this is one of the major themes of the book that life is about moving forward, that getting stuck dwelling in the past doesn’t help you to get where you want to go.

My rating 3/5
Publisher Regan Arts
ISBN 9781942872481
Length 220

Format hardback

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