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{Blog Tour} The Art of Hero Worship - Mia Kerick (Review & Giveaway)

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Book Description:

Trembling on the floor, pressed beneath a row of seats in a dark theater, college freshman Jason Tripp listens to the terrifying sound of gunshots, as an unknown shooter moves methodically through the theater, randomly murdering men, women, and children attending a student performance of Hamlet. Junior Liam Norcross drapes his massive body on top of Jason, sheltering the younger man from the deathly hail of bullets, risking his life willingly, and maybe even eagerly.

As a result of the shared horror, an extraordinary bond forms between the two young men, which causes discomfort for family and friends, as well as for Jason and Liam, themselves. And added to the challenge of two previously “straight” men falling into a same-sex love, are the complications that arise from the abundance of secrets Liam holds with regard to a past family tragedy. The fledgling passion between the men seems bound to fade away into the darkness from which it emerged.

Jason, however, is inexplicably called to rescue his hero in return, by delving into Liam’s shady past and uncovering the mystery that compels the older man to act as the college town’s selfless savior.

The Art of Hero Worship takes the reader on a voyage from the dark and chilling chaos that accompanies a mass shooting to the thrill of an unexpected and sensual romance. 

The book starts with a tragedy already in process.  The first few chapters flew by because you want to know what is going on and who is involved in everything.   It was a little confusing who the characters where in the beginning so once you got a few pages in you were able to begin to work out who is who and what was going on.   I think it took me a few moments to realize that Liam and Jason didn't really know each other that well in the beginning since I felt like they clicked really well.

This was the first book that I read that was M/M and it was very enjoyable.  It was written very well that I didn't feel uncomfortable with any descriptions of what was going on at all, it seemed like a normal romance book.   Jason and Liam where going through their own issues so as we learn more and more about how they feel they grow in their relationship together.  It felt like a very natural progression.

I loved how the author did the character development.  We learned information as we needed to learn it.  I loved when we learned what was going on in Liam's life it was the perfect way to be introduced into it.  We got a brief overview and then got to feel what it was like for Liam when we meet his parents.  Jason's mom is another one of my favorite characters she might be overbearing and a worrier, but she is very understanding.

I think some of the issues the book touched on where handled ok, I liked the points the author made, but I did still have some concerns with them.  The first major issue is PTSD I think this is more common today due to a large amount of violence occurring in society.  I think the author did a good job was describing this for the reader, I felt that she sort of skimmed over the support group, which Jason did mention was very helpful for him.  I would have love to know more about the support group since both Jason and Liam where overcoming a huge life changing event and PTSD is a series issue.  Plus Jason was the only one who was head on mentioning his PTSD I think it could have been discussed more between the other characters and also with Liam as well. 

I love the descriptions that the author did give us.  I felt like I could completely picture what both Liam and Jase looked like in my mind.  I also felt like I was in the theater when the shooting occurred, the scene was very well written to feel like the reader was a part of it.

This is a short books so I would recommend this as a nighttime read.  The beginning starts off crazy so the first few chapters it is hard to put down, but after that I feel there are places where you can take breaks.

I received this book from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for a honest review.  This did not effect my opinion of this book. 

My Rating:  4/5


At this point he’s in the back of the theater, and the shooting hasn’t slowed down at all. Gunshots ring out steadily in the shadowy darkness... always in sets of three, letting me know where he is. I’m scared... so fucking scared... but not too scared to wonder what I did to deserve this special little slice of hell.
And I’m frozen... I can’t even move enough to swallow my spit. I know what I have to do—I have to look for Ginny, but I can’t since I’m frozen solid, like a leg of lamb in a walk-in freezer.
Pop-pop-pop... pop-pop-pop....
“I’ve been shot! Oh, sweet Jesus, I’ve been shot!”
Earsplitting blasts of sound—one, two, three. The gunshots have a life and a plan—no, a mission—all their own, to maim and kill by ripping through the flesh of everyone in this theater. I’m panting and sweating and wishing to God I knew how to pray because I’d so pray right now.
And as suddenly as it started, the shooting stops. Is it over? With the utmost caution, I exhale the breath I’ve been hanging onto so jealously... as if part of me fears I’ll never get the chance to take another. But one more wary breath moves in and out, and I know I have to get hold of myself so I can find her. Because it’s over now.... yes, I think maybe it’s ov—
Life-sucking and blood-spattering and gurgle- inducing, evenly spaced sets of three that are becoming so horribly predictable. I brace myself for the impact because I just know the next pop is going to come with excruciating pain that explodes in my head or my back or, if I’m lucky, my ass. Or, if I’m not so lucky, in all three places, one right after another.
This isn’t happening. It can’t be happening.
Is nineteen too old to want my mommy?
“Get down! Get on the floor!” Somebody yells. Too late for that. I’m already flat on the floor in the narrow space between the rows of seats; my head is bleeding all over the arm it’s resting on.... My left arm? My right arm? Somebody else’s arm? Not so sure. Not so sure it matters.
“Don’t shoot me—please don’t—”


Image and video hosting by TinyPicMia Kerick Adult is an award-winning author of stories involving the type of life events that are riveting to read about, but you probably wouldn’t want to experience first hand. Into her fictional disasters, she sprinkles a sufficient quantity of touching and spicy adult LGBTQ romance to keep her readers coming back for more.

Having relocated from Boston, Massachusetts to rural New Hampshire, Mia lives with her doting husband, four brilliant and accomplished young adult children who will one day likely contribute to the establishment of world peace (Mia believes in self-fulfilling prophecies), and at least three too many cats. She suffers with a severe case of mall-withdrawal, which leads to frequent online shopping, and an overly personal relationship with the UPS driver. 

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