Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top Ten Characters I Love


I am continuing with the Top Ten Lists from the The Broke and the Bookish blog!   This week is the Characters Everyone Loves, But I Just Don't Get.    Since I haven't been blogging long I wasn't sure what characters that people just don't get but I love.  So I am going with Top Ten Characters I Love in Books!

10 Characters I Love

I have picked these characters based on books I have read in the past.  Some of these books I have not written reviews on.

1)  Stephanie Plum - Janet Evanovich.  I love her she is what I truely believe is a Jersey Girl who can just get through any crazy situation.  I love the banter between Joe and Ranger, two hot guys pining for your attention I just can't get enough.  I would like her to choice one of the guys soon, but I also want her crazy adventures to continue! 

2) Anna - Fifty Shades of Grey - She comes off as naive in the beginning of the series, but I think she is a lot smarter than I gave her credit for by the end.  I think she would do anything for anybody that she loves.

3)  Bella - Twilight - I guess since it is International Women's Day I am going with strong women characters.  Bella was able to see the goodness in Edward even if he couldn't see it in himself.

4) Allie - The Awakening - My review will be coming out on Friday, but I loved her character so much! She was thrown into a crazy situation and tried her hardest to cope while still maintaining her humanity.

5) Gus - The Fault In Our Stars - He brought a new perspective to Hazel's life and really opened her up to life.  He was able to bring Hazel joy in her time of need.

6) Heather - Sweet Liar - I just finished the Candy book series by Debra Doxer and although Heather is a secondary character I love her.  She helps Candy in multiple ways in the book and never acts out.  It is like she is already an adult and not a teenager.  She brings an adult perspective and just wants the best for everyone.

7) Nick - Fox & O’Hare Series - Janet Evanovich - He is a conman who is trying to reform and I think he met his match Kate.  He has the craziest schemes and I think they keep the book moving since I am never sure what he is going to do next.

8) Ranger - Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - I love that he always saves Stephanie and never asks to many questions.  I love the way he is described and his apartment he just seems perfect!

9) Cazzie - High Cotton Country - She has nothing and grows up to have everything.  She shows the importance of working hard and depending upon yourself.

10) Edward - Twilight - I just love the series and could use to reread it again and watch all of the movies.  He loves Bella so much and it really comes through to the reader how strong their love is.

What are some of your favorite book characters?

Enjoy your Tuesday & Happy Reading!  

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