Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Father's Son: A Memoir - John Davis (Book Review)

Full disclosure, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank John Davis for giving me the opportunity to read this personal memoir.

I got instantly hooked on reading this memoir and I needed to finish it in one siting.  The story starts right in with John's childhood first memory and moves through his life like a timeline.  It is very easy for the reader to follow and since it is chronologically in order you are able to imagine exactly what was happening in his life.  Also, as the reader is following along in the story John does not offer much foreshadowing so you want to keep reading to get to present day.   I think I got sucked in because I felt like something had to work out for him in the end!

The reader gets to imagine what John was going through before his parents got a divorce and than again with a mother who constantly had a new man in her life and a father who was remarried.  It looks like no one can stand up to John's father while he is a child and this continues on during his life.   John gives only a few details to each flashback, which in turn keeps the book moving as you want to know more. 

John's father Roberto caused him much drama as a child and only in the end of the memoir can John say it was child abuse.  Someone who can look back on their own life and see what wasn't correct and try to tackle those issues allows you to see how much John has grown.

This is an excellent read and for someone just getting into memoirs it is a great book to start off with.  It gives a look at how one person can overcome so many obstacles and still become successful.  The story is very personal and real, this is an easy memoir for the reader to imagine what the author was going through in their life.

My Rating 4/5
Author website
Outskirts Press
ISBN  9781478764199
Length 158
Format EBook

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