Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Men Love Classy Chicks: From Doormat To Dreamgirl - Andre Garcia (Book Review)



Do you feel like you are getting trampled on by men because of your excessively nice, forgiving nature? Andre Garcia's - Why Men Love Classy Chicks - delivers the enlightening truths about why men abhor spineless women who depend on them for sustenance and pathetic scraps of affection, even at the expense of their dignity a
nd pride. With much gusto and little fluff, this detailed dating guide is written with the aim of steering women from the depths of hell onto the correct road to happiness. The author provides relevant answers to burning questions such as:

What is 'LOVE' all about? Is what I am experiencing considered 'Love?'

What kind of WOMEN MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO? Do I fall into any of the described categories of desirable women? Are there traits that men dislike about me and therefore, caused the cracks in my past relationship to widen?

Why do some men treat women like a 'DOORMAT' and make them feel suffocated in the relationship? Am I one of those women who is being taken for granted? Do I deserve to be subjected to insults, physical and emotional abuse?

Why do controlling men crave for ABSOLUTE CONTROL and DOMINANCE over their women? Is my man showing similar signs of obsession?

Can women TRANSFORM MEN for the better? Or, is it just a far-fetched dream?
Why women have to learn to LOVE THEMSELVES FIRST before they can earn the love of men?
How can women regain their SELF IDENTITY and CONFIDENCE? Morph into a CLASSY CHICK?
What if everything fails? When is it TIME TO EXIT from this flagging romance?
Can women secure a SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE?

Containing inspirational advice that is beneficial and makes for an entertaining read, the 'attraction rules' and techniques for boosting the confidence of women subjugated under the commands of difficult men will help you to learn to regain your self worth, put your foot down under certain circumstances, assert newfound independence and communicate your needs to men on a whole new level. Once men have seen the vibrant attitude in which you look at love and life, getting their attention is no longer a CHORE and SURVIVING THE ODDS in a romance will become a BREEZE for you!

Full disclosure, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Andre Garcia for giving my the opportunity to read this a great relationship guide.

This is a quick read that makes you really think about your relationship.  It asks a lot of deep questions that makes you consider what is really going on in your relationship and where do you think this relationship is going.   I love that it touches on both people looking for relationships as well people who are currently in relationships.

If you take the time to read the questions and really think about them you will be able to see your relationship from another perspective.   I love the advice for women who are looking for a relationship that it is important to work on yourself and be happy and confident as you.  I complete agree because once you are in the right state I feel the perfect mate will be looking for you and you will be in the right state of mind for the relationship to fully blossom!  

I also like that the books gives some advice on changing a guys behaviorThey do give full disclosures that this sometimes does not work, but it is interesting advice to read because you never know if it will work for you! 

This is the perfect read for anyone having questions about their current relationship or if they are looking for a relationship and just need advice.   


My Rating 4/5
Length 95
Format eBook
Link for Purchase: Amazon


  1. This one sounds interesting. I've never read a relationship kind of book before though. Great review!

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