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The Dean Machine - Dylan Lee Peters (Book Review)

Book Synopsis:
Meet Dan Delacor, an utterly boring citizen of Yellow City. Every day he puts on his yellow shoes, yellow shirt, yellow pants, and yellow tie, and catches a ride on the Tunnel Runner from the suburbs into downtown. He has a job, a home, and a girlfriend, and he never wonders what waits beyond the giant glass wall that surrounds Yellow City.
Except… Dan isn’t as boring as he seems. He often wonders why everything in Yellow City has to be yellow. He wonders why he suffers frequent anxiety attacks, and why he can’t help himself from strolling through dangerous neighborhoods, or running wildly through the fields that separate downtown from the suburbs. Mostly though, Dan wonders why he can’t remember how he lost his right arm, or anything that happened before five years ago.
So, when Dan’s mundane yellow world is interrupted with the seemingly impossible presence of a little red dog named Dean, he quickly finds out there are answers to his questions, and that everything he knows is a lie.
Follow Dan as he learns the secrets of his true identity, the scope of the world beyond the wall, and the true intentions of Yellow City’s mysterious leader, Chancellor Elgrey Vinsidian. Meet Wendy, the twelve-year-old girl on a rescue mission, Echo Valkzdokker, the woman with a love for danger, James Perkins, the wily pilot who has a way with words, and Bianna Kensington, the cold-mannered rebel with a cause. Look through the cracks of this new world with Dan as he learns why his little friend is nicknamed The Dean Machine, what special bond they share, and why the dog deserves a legacy that should live on forever.

He lives to love.
He would die to protect.
His heart is a machine.


Book Review: 
Full disclosure, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Dylan Lee Peters for letting me read this amazing book!

I loved this book! The story is pretty complex and takes a large amount of twists and turns, but it kept me wanting to read more and more.  I needed to know what happened, what was actually happening in the story and honestly I didn't piece it all together to the way end.  The book makes you want to read, which is one of the hardest things I think an author must accomplish to produce a great book.  

I haven't read a great science fiction book in a while, but I feel this book crosses very close to mystery and suspense as well so it would capture the attention of a wider range of readers.   In the beginning of the book you learn a little about the mundane life that Dan is experiencing and he is just starting to sense something is not right in the world he is living in.   The book gives you bits and pieces of information that you take to be real as the reader in the beginning.  When the story begins to unfold you see a whole different concept develop, which is what is presented to you sometimes is not always real.  The characters in the story need to determine what is real and not real and also who they can trust if at all anyone, which leads to the mystery and suspense.

The character development of every major character in the story is great.  There are a lot of details given to the reader so you can imagine what everyone looks like as well as the great scenery details so you can almost feel like you are in Yellow City.  The story does visit some other locations and the descriptions allow you to get a clear picture of what is going on and what the characters are seeing.   It allows the reader to become part of the story.

The book touches on some topics about society today regarding how there are some very influential people at the top and their opinions give a large amount of sway in decisions.   A powerful influencer can change what people think and believe, which is exactly what happens in this book.  The author also gives their view on what can happen if this continues down the path of powerful influencers getting there way since no one seems to be stopping them.   It gives the reader a lot to think about while reading or after you’re finished with the book.

Dean is a rescue dog who didn’t have the best upbringing.  I love the story of Dean and how he became a machine.  I think it is imperative to the reader that you read the forward about the actual Dean.  I am a rescue pet owner myself and you never know what actually happened to the animal before they got to you; you can only move forward loving your pet and taking care of them.  

To me this is a must read if you love science fiction and mystery books.  It is more of an adult level read to me.  I would suggest this as a weekend read where you have enough time to sit down and really appreciate the book.  Also, you need time to digest the book once you have read it.

My Rating 4.5/5
Author website
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 4, 2015)
ISBN 9781519414663
Length 294
Format Ebook
Purchase Links: Amazon 

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