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{Blog Tour} The 13th Continuum - Jennifer Brody (Review & Giveaway)

The 13th Continuum
by Jennifer Brody
Publisher: Turner Publishing
Release Date: April 19th 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Rate: 3/5


One thousand years after a cataclysmic event leaves humanity on the brink of extinction, the survivors take refuge in continuums designed to sustain the human race until repopulation of Earth becomes possible. Against this backdrop, a group of young friends in the underwater Thirteenth Continuum dream about life outside their totalitarian existence, an idea that has been outlawed for centuries. When a shocking discovery turns the dream into a reality, they must decide if they will risk their own extinction to experience something no one has for generations, the Surface.

The story follows two individuals Myra and Aero from two different Continuums.  We get to hear both views of Myra and Aero while we are reading.  Myra lives below the sea in one of the Continuum's that is beginning to fail.  The society down there is setup in to different ranks and jobs.  We get to learn a lot about the different jobs and how you choice to become part of those jobs/portions of society.  Aero is actually from a space continuum in which they are set up military style with no emotions allowed.  The reader gets to hear about a few of the continuum's and how they are setup.  

I loved the beginning of the book because we are thrown into the Doom coming to the country and they now need to take the chosen ones to the Continuum's.  We really get to see where the author thought the world would end up.  I also really enjoyed reading more about how the Doom came about towards the end of the book of how society got to where it was in the book.   Another thing I enjoyed was seeing how the two society's where setup differently, but still with the same ranking type of system.

I really enjoyed how the author setup the two perspectives and showed us a small portion of each of their perspective continuum's.  At the end the same idea comes across that power corrupts people and still causes harm 1000 years later.  It is like society no matter what is set up to fail.  I loved that in Myra's continuum they cut off all knowledge of what happened before the Doom they didn't want everyone learning from past mistakes, but they again where on the same path to make these mistakes.  It was an interesting perspective of the author that society even restructured will go back in line to how it was before.

Things I just didn't love in the book was the beginning of the story.  I felt like it dragged along way to slow in the beginning almost forcing me to stop reading.  The action really picks up in the last half of the book and becomes a book that you can't put down.  The first half of the book is a lot of background information in my mind and some of it could have been cut out for the reader. 

I would suggest this as a night time read.  It is easy enough to follow along in the story to read a chapter a night or even pick it up when you have nothing else to read.  The chapters are short enough that you could even read a few a night.

I received this book from Fantastic Flying Book Club in return for an honest review.  This does not effect my opinion of this book.

Favorite Quotes:
"Why isn't she coming? "She wasn't chosen," her father said at Marine One lifted off the ground.  He rested his hand on her shoulder, but his face was stoic. "You must let her go now."

"The two sides of our psyche: creation and destruction.  What will win out?"

"Eventually, Myra came to realize that silence was the worst.  It was worse than the darkness and the cold and the fifth.  It was the one thing that could drive you really and truly crazy." 

"It's not fear that determines our fate, but how we choose to react to it, Elianna communicated to her.  That's the meaning of courage." 

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Jennifer Brody’s debut novel The 13th Continuum sold to Turner Publishing in a 3-book deal and is being packaged into a feature film. The book is the first in a trilogy and will come out in Spring 2016. She is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. She lives and writes in LA.

After studying film and graduating from Harvard University, she began her career in feature film development. Highlights include working for Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema, most notably on The Lord of the Rings films and The Golden Compass. In 2008, she produced the feature film Make It Happen for The Weinstein Company. Her recipes and articles have appeared in xoJane, Fox News, Parade Magazine, Whole Life Times, and Meatless Monday, and many other publications.

She is an alumni of the Sirenland Writers Conference, where she studied with Meg Wolitzer, and the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop, where she studied with Victor LaValle. She recently completed a 3-week residency at The Lemon Tree House and has been accepted for a residency in Spring 2016 at the Helen R. Whiteley Center, run by the University of Washington.

She founded and runs BookPod, a social media platform for authors with 400 members. She’s also a mentor for the Young Storytellers Foundation. In Spring 2015, her mentee’s script was picked out of over 900 scripts for the Glee Big Show, where it was performed by the cast of the hit Fox TV show, and in Fall of 2015, her mentee’s script was chosen for the Biggest Show, where it was performed by Jack Black and Leslie Mann.

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