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How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him - Titania Hudson (Book Review)

How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him (Love Matters Series Book 1)How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One for Him by Titania Hudson
Series Love Matters Series # 1
Genres: Nonfiction, Relationship
Publication date:
January 23, 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Format: ebook, 108 pages
How I got it: Titania Hudson for an honest review
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My rating: 5/5

Flaunt your feminine wiles to make him fall in love with you!

Chances are, you’ve heard the common advice – “Forget about dolling yourself up! Just be natural and make him accept you for who you are!” These words of wisdom ring true for those women, who happen to fall into the category of natural beauties, but face up to the truth, don’t you wish to accentuate the more outstanding features of your appearance and downplay the flaws? After all, the first shot at love is always about appearance before men pay attention to the other positive qualities inherent in your character and body language.
The key strategy to stop the “ATTRACTION” between a couple from fading, is also centred on “COMMUNICATION” and a deeper “UNDERSTANDING” of what the opposite sexes want, in order to make a relationship last for an eternity.

If you’re interested in learning how to talk to a man so that he opens up to you, listens to you, and willingly gives you what you want without a fuss, this book will help you to communicate with men more effectively and make him highly attracted to you!

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside:


• How to get him to fall in love with you after meeting you on the FIRST DATE.
• Discover how to tell him clearly what’s on your mind without challenging his ego and earn his TRUST cum RESPECT.
• Learn how to communicate what you want in a relationship and make him want to do meaningful favours of his own accord to keep you HAPPY, ATTRACTED and COMMITTED.
• Find out FOURTEEN AMAZING SECRETS to getting good men to COMMIT to an exclusive dating relationship with you.
• Discover how to have interesting conversations with him without making him feel like a wimp or pushover.
• Learn how to be a respected and captivating girlfriend by being more assertive with your guy without appearing manipulative or domineering.
• How to understand the male psyche and communicate in his lingo so that he KNOWS exactly how to treat a worthy girlfriend like you.
• Unlock the secret FANTASIES he wants in bed when the time is ripe for both of you to engage in sexual intimacy.
• And much, much more…

Would You Like to Know More?

Get started right away and learn how to UNDERSTAND and COMMUNICATE with the single men out there, paying special attention to the one, who is willing to listen to you, open up to you, and fits your bill of Mr Right.


My thoughts:
I think this is the perfect book to read when you are in between relationships. It gives great pointers on taking the first step and listing out a set of qualities that you want in your next man.  I love this idea because having what you are looking for written down in front of you helps to keep you focused.  I think coming up with qualities that you are looking for will help you to narrow down maybe men who don't fit into those categories quickly.

I loved the idea of taking care of yourself and always looking your best.  The book did a great job with tips on how to get this done and also outfit suggestions.  I completely agree a men wants a women he can show off to his family and friends and with new outfits and looking your best these are things that are easy to achieve.   Sometimes new clothes really do change your outlook on life you just feel better in your own skin.

The book gives a lot of solid advice that you can use in your everyday life.  It is a great resource for people who might not have had luck in the past with relationships.  It takes a lot to look back at what didn't work and what you can do better to make the relationship last.  I love the idea that each relationship is a journey that is always evolving and you must evolve too.  

Also, I love the first date advice for going out with someone you met online.  I know online dating is a big thing for a few of my friends now and I think the helpful tips in this book are key. Your own safety must be your number one priority.    

I received this book from Titania Hudson for the purpose of providing an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Quotes I love:
"Nevertheless, make sure to tread on the path to true love with care, so just treat the process of dating and marriage as a continuous learning journey."

"The way you look should matter to you because it only takes a fraction of a second to create a positive first impression on a person and once someone has formed a negative opinion of you, the changes of you rectifying it is indeed slim." 


About the Author 
Titania Hudson is a veteran dating counselor residing in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. Now, a self-published author, she aspires to develop a series of dating books to help others cruise along their dating journeys.

With a specialized degree in Psychology and years of experience under her belt, she is familiar with the crises in dating and adept at highlighting the troubling issues that can crop up within the dating and marriage mart. Nothing pleases her more than having the chance to publish her relationship guides as a form of giving back to society, and she gains much satisfaction from knowing that her readers are faring well in their love pursuits.

While working as a dating counselor in her earlier days, she came across a varied mix of couples, who upheld different values, beliefs and aspirations in life. Some couples were vexed over their seemingly irreconcilable differences, but they were determined to make their relationship work; others had it easier with their other half, except that they wanted to be mentally prepared to face any trials that may surface in the course of their courtship and/or marriage.

Seeing couples split up was definitely something she hated to see while doing her job, and she felt that couples needed to have a clear understanding of what they want in a partner and not force themselves to accept one another 'blindly' in spite of the apparent faults and differences present in both individuals. That belief led her to start thinking about writing a series of dating books to encourage all couples to adopt a practical yet healthy perspective of what love actually means to them.

Till to-date, she has published a series of dating books under her name. They are none other than: How To Make A Guy Believe You're The One For Him, Get Him To Propose In 80 Days, Go Getter Guy Secrets To Successful Dates and Red Flag: Is Distrust Tearing Your Marriage Apart?

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