Saturday, January 9, 2016

Clean Slate Read-A-Thon

So what exactly is the Clean Slate Read-A-Thon? This Read-A-Thon is only for books that we didn’t get to in 2015. Any 2015 release we never got to read. We want to start this year off with a clean slate so let’s get those 2015 releases off our TBR and make run for all of those 2016 releases!  This challenge is hosted by: Novel Ink, Lost In Lit, & Latte Night Reviews.

Here’s How It Goes:
  • The Clean Slate Read-A-Thon will be held from Sunday, January 10th at 12am (EST) till Sunday, January 17th at 11:59pm (EST). 
  • We will be having mini-challenges along the way, Novel Ink (Tuesday, January 12), Latte Nights Reviews (Thursday, January 14) and Lost in Lit (Saturday, January 16). You can join if you want to, but it’s totally up to you. You will get extra entries in the giveaway! 
  • More details of the mini-challenges will be posted on the kick-off post, January 10th. 
  • There will be one big giveaway for those who participate. We also will be holding smaller giveaways for those who participate in the mini-challenges. 
  • Sign up at Novel Ink, Lost in Lit or Latte Nights Reviews. You may join whenever you’d like, but to be eligible for the giveaway you must sign up by January 12th. 
  • Make a sign-up post and add your post URL to the linky below! You can put your goals and progress (will be required for the final giveaway) in your sign-up post. You can also go back to this original goals post and update what you have read. 
  • If you want to follow along on Twitter of Instagram, use the #CleanSlateReadathon hashtag. 
  • Make sure to update your progress along the way so we know you participated. If not, you will not be eligible for the grand prize.
Goals for the  Clean Slate Read-A-Thon
My goals for this readathon are going to be reading 3 books in total.  I need to get through some of the TBR pile and a readathon makes me want to read more!  I will be updating my progress daily. 

Books to be Read:
Paper Towns - John Green
What's Broken Between Us - Alexis Bass
My Father's Son: A Memoir - John Davis
The Dean Machine - Dylan Lee Peters 
Blast From Two Pasts - Kristel Villar
Reading Progress:
Sunday January 10th, 2016
Books Started: Paper Towns
Books Finished:  None
Total Pages Read: 1/52
Thoughts: So far I really enjoy Paper Towns, the story is moving along and I can't wait to get further in the book.

Monday January 11th, 2016
Books Started: What's broken between us - Alexis Bass
Books Finished: None
Total Pages Read: PT 52/68  WBBU 1/34
Thoughts: I didn't get to much reading done yesterday I had busy day with work and had a bunch of stuff to do around the house when I got home.

Tuesday January 12th, 2016
Books Started: None
Books Finished: None
Total Pages Read:  PT 68/85  WBBU 34/52
Thoughts: I really need to pickup my reading. I feel like the last two days I have taken off to much time from reading and need to get back on track.
Bookish Resolutions: Mini-Challenge #1 (Clean Slate Read-A-Thon)
Welcome to Novel Ink’s mini-challenge for the Clean Slate Read-A-Thon! Our mini-challenge is Bookish Resolutions, but in all honesty. They can be any damn resolution you want. If you want to talk about your blogging resolutions go for it, if you want to talk about some life resolutions, cool beans. Mix it up, have fun with it. That’s what it’s all about.
There’s no certain number to how many resolutions you have to share. If you have one, that’s awesome, if you have 100, that’s awesome, too! We just want to see what you guys have planned for 2016. Since we are trying to clean our slates of all the 2015 books we didn’t get to, we thought resolutions would fit in well with that idea. What we didn’t get to in 2015 and would like to get to this year…or what what we did get to in 2015, but want to switch things up a bit. Like I said above, this is open to whatever interpretation you may have. Though, we have a few rules, that are quite lenient…well I’m not even going to call them “rules” they are more like guidelines or options, shall I say.
Kristyn’s Resolutions:
» I want to read 60 books throughout the year and expand into reading different genres.
»I will not buy any books until after I get through at least 5 that I own!
» Keep writing reviews on my blog right after I finish a book and link them to Goodreads.
» Work on visiting other blogs and exploring what book blogging has to offer this is how I found this challenge.
» Have fun and be open to all life has to offer!!!

Wednesday January 13th, 2016
Books Started: My Father's Son: A Memoir - John Davis
Books Finished:  My Father's Son: A Memoir - John Davis
Total Pages Read: MFS: 1/158, PT 68/100  WBB 34/62
Thoughts: I really got into the memoir My Father's Son and couldn't out it down! I need to work on picking up my reading still this week to clear some of my TBR books!

Thursday January 14th, 2016
Books Started:  The Dean Machine - Dylan Lee Peters
Books Finished: None
Total Pages Read: TDM 1/31, PT 100/118 WBB 62/84
Thoughts:  I am really loving What's Broken Between Us, I am going to finish it this weekend!

Friday January 15th, 2016
Books Started: None
Books Finished: None
Total Pages Read: TDM 31/93, PT 118/142 WBB 84/114
Thoughts: I need to finish a book tomorrow and think positively about it!

Saturday January 16th, 2016
Books Started: None
Books Finished: What's Broken Between Us
Total Pages Read: PT 142/200 WBB 114/275
Thoughts: I got a lot of reading done today and one book finished.  I am hoping to finish the other two I am reading Sunday and work on reviews for my blog.

Sunday January 17th, 2016
Books Started: Blasts From Two Pasts
Books Finished: Paper Towns
Total Pages Read: PT 200/305  TDM 93/202 BFTP 1/13
Thoughts:  It was a very productive week of reading! I know need to catch up on some reviews!

Total books read for #cleanslatereadathon: 3
Total pages read for #cleanslatereadathon: 953 I did not expect to get that much reading done! So close to 1000!!


  1. I hope you get to all your goals this year & have such an amazing 2016 ahead of you <3


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